Executive Committee

The Executive Committee advises and confers with the YES Partnership staff on project planning, program development, and program administration. The Executive Committee makes recommendations to the Partnership on program development and membership.

Data Research

The Data Research Committee collects and reviews data collected from the California Healthy Kids Survey and other community assessments, which support the YES Partnership mission.


The Education Committee develops and implements education programs that support the YES mission of preventing suicide, substance and child abuse in Tuolumne County.


The Fundraising Committee develops and implements the Annual Holiday Luncheon and proposes other fundraising activities as needed.

Mini Grants

The Mini Grant Committee solicits proposals from the community to fund programs which support the YES Partnership mission.

Youth Involvement

The Youth Involvement Committee develops and implements opportunities to increase youth engagement in the YES Partnership and other communities organizations committed to reducing youth access to alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.

Prevent Child Abuse Tuolumne County

Prevent Child Abuse Tuolumne County promotes public awareness and facilitates training of professionals in the detection, treatment, and prevention of child abuse and neglect.


The Media Committee develops and implements a media campaign to promote an awareness of the YES Partnership programs.  The Media Committee supports the YES Partnership presence on social media platforms such as Facebook.