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Number of completed suicides in 2018 in Tuolumne County

Source: TC SHeriff


per 1,000 child abuse incidents in Tuolumne County



Number of drug overdoses

reported in Tuolumne County

in 2018. Source: bringing these numbers up


Number of residents and professionals completing suicide awareness training


Number of pounds of prescription drugs taken back during Drug Take-Back Days


Number of youths who particiated in Friday Night Live and other YES Partnership Youth Programs

About Us

About Us


The YES Partnership is a community-wide coalition dedicated to supporting Tuolumne County youth and families by preventing suicide, substance, and child abuse.  The Partnership was established in January 1986 in response to several teenage suicides in Tuolumne County, California. 

The YES Partnership works collaboratively with local organizations, parents, and teens to create a drug-free and suicide-safe community by increasing protective factors among youth through the following three strategies:

  • Engage youth in leadership opportunities

  • Support and provide positive adult interaction with youth

  • Develop youth assets


-Supports active youth involvement

in schools and community

-Supports active parent involvement

and participation

-Strives to have broad-based

committed membership


Supporting Tuolumne
County Youth and
Families and Dedicated to
Promoting Resilience and
Preventing Suicide,
Substance Use,
and Child Abuse




Consider becoming a volunteer member of the Partnership. Your active participation is needed and valued.


From the Executive Committee to Education and Fundraising, the Partnership offers eight areas where you can combine both your passion and expertise.


We could not begin to accomplish all we do without committed partners, both private and public, who care about the wellbeing of our community.

Success Stories


Five years ago, my world stopped. My calendar didn’t get changed or updated for months. Laundry and dishes piled up. Five years ago I experienced the worst pain in my heart. There’s a piece of it that will always be missing.

Five years ago, I lost the person who gave me life — a good life, that I never gave her enough credit for. Four years ago, I realized that my life and my children’s lives would never be the same, and I still don’t even know how to explain it to them.

Five years ago, I saw my stepdad’s world and heart completely shatter. He is one of the strongest hearted men I know. Five years ago, I met a police officer at my mom’s apartment for a wellness check. He walked out with one of the saddest faces I’d ever seen and will never forget. Four years ago, I had to pick myself up off the apartment parking lot ground to make phone calls that I never wanted to make. Five years ago, I had to break my brothers’ hearts. As their older sister, I would do anything to protect them from pain....                                                      READ MORE...