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Inspire the Community

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What is EPIC?

EPIC is a youth coalition that focuses on youth resiliency and leadership. EPIC's goal is to empower local youth to advocate for issues that they feel passionately about and to foster skills that promote healthy lifestyles. 

The EPIC youth coalition is a collaborative effort sponsored by:

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Who can join?

All high school students in Tuolumne County are welcome to join EPIC. This includes the following schools:

  • Sonora High

  • Summerville High

  • Don Pedro High

  • Gold Rush Charter School

  • Tioga High

  • Dario Cassina High

  • Mountain Oaks Charter School

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What happens if I join?

Once a month, coalition members will participate in a day-long field trip of  workshops to learn about different topics of health and wellness, advocacy, and leadership.

EPIC Events

How do I join?

We're always happy to add new members to the EPIC Youth Coalition. If you would like to learn more about joining you can:

  • Call (209) 533-1397 ext 266

  • Fill out the application that can be found here.

Someone will return your inquiry within 5 business days.

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Contact Us To Learn More

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