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FNL Youth Mentoring

FNL Mentoring provides opportunities for young people to be in ongoing, mutually beneficial, caring relationships, which strengthen a young person’s resiliency to challenges in life. The FNL model engages teams of older high school-aged youth to mentor teams of middle school-aged youth in a structured ongoing one-on-one relationship. Counties that participate in Mentoring adhere to certain quality assurance standards while maintaining local creativity, energy and self-determination.

FNL Mentoring Programs

  • Introduce young people to the concept of volunteerism

  • Encourage young people to develop programs that are fun and meaningful

  • Promote messages through shared experiences

  • Encourage peer-oriented programming (youth-driven and youth-led)

  • Develops skills, such as communication, teamwork, and active listening

  • Encourage and empower young people as active leaders and community resources

  • Have broad appeal to diverse ethnic, racial and social groups

  • Encourage youth to engage in mutually beneficial relationships with peers and younger youth

Call 209-533-1397 x226 to learn more.

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